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DreamKeepers 2018 Summer Program Highlights

A total of twenty-four American Indian High school students participated in the DreamKeepers Summer Programs 2018.

Students experienced on-campus residential experience, met the Deans of the Business, and Agricultural Consumer Environmental Sciences (ACES) Colleges, participated in activities from the Business, ACES, and Engineering Colleges. They attended lectures and participated in a series of hands-on activities including a Resume workshop, Sensory analysis of chili brownies, Cannulated cow activity, Design base for the gripper, Program sensor and servo, Connecting the gripper to the robot, Programming the robot, and Testing. They visited the NMSU Herbarium, the Arthropod Museum, the Chile Pepper Institute, the Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management kitchen and the Bobby Lee Laurence Academy of Wine.

Furthermore, they visited the American Indian Program where they met Michael Ray director of the program and who informed them of the various NMSU resources available for Native American Students. They were taken to a field trip to Mescalero Fish Hatchery where they learned the importance of the rainbow trout fish in this community, how to handle fish, how to take records of fish measurements and weight, helped with separating fish by sized and transferring to new fish tanks, and participated in the delivery of fish to a local lake. The last day of the program the students visited the College of Education where they experienced the Flight simulator.

All through the program, the students investigated the requirements of the colleges they are interested in attending. At the closing luncheon, the students presented the information of the colleges they are planning to attend, the majors they are interested in, the requirements and the scholarships available at those colleges.