For Traditional, Adult Learners, and First Generation College Students

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Traditional college students typically enroll in college directly after high school, attend full-time, and do not have any significant work or life responsibilities outside of school.

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I Am a Traditional College Student            

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Non-traditional college students start college later in life, have full-time jobs or families to care for, or have other major responsibilities outside of school.  

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I Am an Adult Learner

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First-generation college students are the first people in their immediate families to attend college. 

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I Am A First-Generation College Student

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Would you like to know the various resources you can find at NM institutions? 

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Native American Resources at NM Institutions

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Would you like to know about professional development opportunities?

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Professional Development Opportunities

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Would you like to know about various forms of financial aid to help you pay for school? 

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Sources of Financial Aid

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Do you want to find a college in New Mexico with your desired degree program? 

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Undergraduate Degrees

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Do you want to find a college in New Mexico with your desired graduate degree program?

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Graduate Degrees

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Do you want to find online certificates, undergraduate degrees, and graduate programs?

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Online Certificates, Undergraduate Degrees, and Graduate Programs